He’s back… unfortunately. Joel Quenneville, former coach of the Chicago Blackhawks and was coaching during the 2010 sexual assault scandal, was behind the bench on Oct. 27 for the Florida Panthers. Rightfully so, lots of players, fans and reporters were outraged, confused and hurt that Quenneville was allowed to coach, especially since it was announced that he knew of the allegations at the time. Read more below to see what the internet had to say.
From Yahoo Sports:

Joel Quenneville was behind the bench for the Florida Panthers on Wednesday for their game against the Boston Bruins, and the hockey world couldn’t understand why.

After an investigation into the Chicago Blackhawks’ 2010 sexual assault scandal, it was announced that Quenneville — who was coaching Chicago at the time — was aware of the allegations of abuse at the time. Despite the damning revelation, Quenneville was permitted to coach the Panthers as he awaits a meeting with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman on Thursday.

With Kyle Beach bravely coming forward as John Doe in the investigation and saying “there’s absolutely no way that Quenneville can deny knowing it,” the hockey community was outraged that the coach was able to lead the Panthers against the Bruins.

Here’s what fans, players and reporters had to say:

Gotta be honest I find it beyond bizarre Joel Quenneville is coaching in the NHL tonight

– Ryan Whitney


How Joel Quenneville was allowed to step behind a NHL bench tonight is beyond me. Given what we’ve learned in the last 30 hours, there’s no reason for him to be working while the league process plays out.

– Chris Johnston


Joel Quenneville has an in-person hearing with Gary Bettman tomorrow. When a player is suspended and has an in-person hearing, he can’t play in an NHL game until the hearing is held. The same should apply to Quenneville. He should not be behind the bench for the Panthers tonight.

– Ken Campbell


Joel Quenneville should be forced to watch the Kyle Beach interview before he coaches his NHL team tonight.
– Luke Fox 
The fact that Quenneville is coaching tonight down in Florida is embarrassing and disgusting.
– Conor Ryan
Watching Kyle Beach speak during the #NHLBruins intermission is heartbreaking. I LOVE hockey. I love sports. But it’s not everything. We can’t let sports and our desire to win corrupt us as human beings. And it’s absolutely disgusting that Joel Quenneville is coaching tonight.
– Harry Kaufer 
Joel Quenneville coaching tonight is the most honest statement the NHL has ever given on how it sees survivors
– Thomas Ketko 
The NHL missed the mark again imo. Quenneville should have been suspended until he at least had his hearing with Gary Bettman. He should not be coaching tonight. We stand with Kyle Beach.
– Jamey Baskow
If Joel Quenneville was looking for a job, his (in)actions with Chicago would immediately disqualify him. It should be no different because he currently has a job.
Matthew DeFranks

The league has had more than a day to do the right thing and remove Joel Quenneville from tonight’s game and have not yet done so.
Jeff Mackie


The Panthers did not make Quenneville available to reporters after the Panthers’ 4-1 win over the Bruins, leading to even more criticism on social media.

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