Drafted 28th overall in 2019, Jordan Poole was as a key bench player for the Golden State Warriors last season. This season, however, he’s stepped up; Poole has reportedly been the one of the most impressive players in the NBA preseason this year. Starting in all three of the preseason games for the Warriors, Poole has averaged 23.4 minutes per game and 25.0 points while shooting about 52-54% from both the floor and three-point range. Read more below on this possible standout star of this season.

From NBA Analysis Network:

Obviously, Klay Thompson’s eventual return is going to elevate this Warriors’ team, but early on, the starting shooting guard spot seems to have been locked up by Jordan Poole given his development and play in the preseason next to Stephen Curry and others in the rotations. 

“For now, he’ll be in that starting spot and he’s playing so well, it’s hard to envision not keeping him there,” head coach Steve Kerr stated after the Warriors’ second preseason game against the Denver Nuggets, a game in which Poole had 17 points on 6-14 shooting from the floor.

When Klay Thompson returns to the rotation at some point, Jordan Poole will obviously go back to his “Sixth-Man” role for this team, but right now, they are going to need his production. 

Confidence has been key with the young shooting guard and you can just see that he looks a lot more comfortable on the court, especially with the ball in his hands. In previous years, Jordan Poole often hesitated on whether or not to shoot or pass and now, he has demonstrated such a high understanding of the Warriors’ system on the floor and has worked perfectly in the backcourt next to Stephen Curry, who is an MVP candidate entering the season. 

Being able to score either as a secondary talent in the starting lineup or off-the-bench is a vital role in the NBA, but Jordan Poole will definitely have to continue finding ways to improve on defense. 

“He’s one of our best players,” Kerr stated in regards to Jordan Poole and his performances this offseason. “I think what we have to determine is how he holds up defensively with the different lineups he’s playing with. But you got a guy that explosive, you go to get him on the floor.”

Veterans like Andre Iguodala, Otto Porter Jr., and Damion Lee are also expected to play big roles in the second-unit for the Warriors this season, but Jordan Poole’s minutes seem to be solidified at this point.

He has earned his spot in the starting rotation to begin the season and could prove to be one of the Golden State Warriors’ most valuable players in terms of the production he can give them night-in and night-out on offense. 

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