Get excited esports fans! Samsung is launching a new eSports app in the coming days called Jaxon. From keeping tabs on industry news to linking up with streaming services like Twitch and Youtube, Jaxon is coming in a perfect time with international gaming tournaments on the horizon. Read more below!
From SamMobile:

Samsung has teamed up with news aggregator Upday to launch a new esports-centric app called Jaxon that aims to deliver the latest news about the industry. It will cover a wide range of titles, such as League of Legends, DOTA2, CS: GO, Valorant and more.

There is no word about when Jaxon will be available for download yet, but we can expect it to happen in the coming days.

Along with delivering the latest esports news and exclusives, Jaxon will also let you stream your favourite titles on streaming websites such as Twitch and YouTube. Users can also create customized feeds that mix and match multiple titles.

Alternatively, users can switch between individual games by swiping left or right on the home screen. The in-build calendar function allows you to keep track of when your favourite team is scheduled to play.

The app will use its namesake, Jaxon, to deliver all content to the user in a ‘humorous and informative way.’ Samsung claims that Jaxon is a ‘design element, social media influencer, author, advisor, and offline personality.’

Jaxon’s launch comes at an ideal time, as the world’s largest e-sports tournament —The International 10 DOTA2 Championship— has just kicked off in Bucharest, Romania. Since the event is online-only fans will rely on services such as Jaxon to keep themselves up to date with the tournament standings, match results and find out if their favourite team got eliminated.

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