The collegiate leagues are always great to tune into if you’re an avid fan of watching esports or a gamer yourself. Lubbock Christian University’s program is looking to build upon their recent losses. Read more below to learn about their growing pains.

From LCU:

Overwatch – vs. Texas A&M – San Antonio
Overwatch returned this week in PlayVS with a rematch versus Texas A&M University at San Antonio. Last week, TAMUSA team beat LCU on three straight maps, but LCU entered with confidence understanding the mistakes that led to the loss. Map one was on Lijiang Tower. It’s the required first map pick for PlayVS, so LCU’s strategies are to be more refined on Lijiang (since it is the required first map). TAMUSA took the map similarly to how they took it last week – keeping LCU in chokes and making it very difficult for us to play how they wanted to play the game. TAMUSA took it in two points. The next was the assault map pick – Volskaya Industries. LCU came out with a new teleport strategy on offense, which led to a quick point one and a lot of momentum moving into the second point. They we’re able to hold out for good amount of time, leaving them with a minute and half in their time bank. The Chaps moved to defense and an unfortunate stagger, due to some miscommunication on the first point, led to a quick point for TAMUSA, and a lot of time on the board by the time they finished point two. LCU only had that saved minute and a half for the third round, with us back on offense – so the goal was just a tick or two on point and then play some good defense. Unfortunately, LCU was not able to get the ticks they needed which then changed their strategy for round-four from “play-good-defense to secure the win” to “play good defense and pull out the draw.” The draw would force a potential map six if the series were to require it. TAMUSA pushed into point-one in round-four and LCU played some great defense, stopping the TAMUSA push multiple times before it came to the final fight. TAMUSA able to keep the fight alive like enough in overtime to rid LCU of all their resources slowly but surely and force LCU off point, leading to their win on the map. TAMUSA was now up 2-0 (similarly to last week). LCU changed it up, instead of picking Gibralter, LCU went with Dorado (a map that had been performing pretty well for LCU in scrimmages). The Chaps we’re on offense first and had a rough start on the first point of the map, but once LCU made it through the chokehold under bridge, the map opened up in a lot of ways. LCU fought for high ground on the second point and were able to escort the payload to point-three without too many hiccups. LCU’s point-three-push was also solid, resulting in a lead for LCU on the map. TAMUSA now had their turn on offense and after a less than stellar point-one, LCU’s defense started to shine in Dorado. They were able to force the overtime and close out the map quickly on point-three, which put the series at 1-2 and gave LCU the momentum they really needed for the series. They picked King’s Row for map four, a map that LCU had some new strategies for and were comfortable on. This map was really close from start to finish (recommend checking out the replay online on the LCU Esports YouTube channel). LCU ended up taking the map to round four after some close overtimes from both teams as well as us fighting through some technical difficulties. This put the series at 2-2 and LCU was confident going into map five, other than rules of PlayVS which sent the teams back to Lijiang Tower for map-five. LCU made adjustments, but was unable to win the final point, giving TAMUSA the victory. Head coach Noah Flint was happy with how LCU played though, as it was “the most competitive we’ve been, and we showed a lot of growth so I’m looking forward to next week’s PlayVS match”.
Overwatch – vs. SMU
Overwatch had a second game for NACE later that same night against Southern Methodist University (SMU). Against SMU, LCU showed a lot of progress towards where they want to be as a team. Coming off of such a tight game five series an hour prior helped LCU. The Chaps won the coin toss and got to pick the map (deciding on Lijiang). LCU was able to play the Mustangs closely, taking both points to a close overtime, but ultimately falling after two points, putting SMU up 1-0. LCU took them to King’s Row for game-two and had a successful offense on point-one, moving the cart deep into point-two before being closed out after some tight teamfights. SMU took to offense and were able to secure the victory after moving the cart past LCU’s farthest point. Our final map was Dorado where it felt like King’s Row (had some success and was able to execute in the areas they’d been looking to execute in but were unable to keep that up throughout the entirety of the game), but resulting in a game-three and series loss.
Rocket League – vs. Concordia (Texas)
Rocket League took to the field Monday against Concordia University (Texas) for NACE Varsity. This match was incredibly close and much slower paced than what we’ve seen the past couple of weeks. LCU dropped game-one 1-2, but found our footing in the series. LCU took games two and three both 2-1, with the majority of the time in those games spent on our side of the field and us playing defense (at points, LCU playing defense for over a minute looking for a clear on the ball, but just not finding one). Game-four started off really strong for us, with an early goal off the first kickoff. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication and an open net, they’re able to get the point right back. This is where the wind left LCU’s sails. After that goal, LCU’s communication really began to break down and the pressure began to get to them. LCU lost game-four 3-2, which was a match LCU felt was defensively played. “I think having to play so much defense and being unable to find the clear to apply pressure of our own really began to form cracks in the foundation of our gameplay and those cracks really grew and became an issue in the fifth game, where our defense which was holding really well previously, began to fall apart,” said Coach Flint. LCU wasn’t able to put much together afterwards and ended up losing the game 4-1 and the series 3-2. The Chaps aim to bounce back next week against Coastal Bend College.

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